Imagine waking up feeling calm & peaceful about your day, excited for work, fully confident in your abilities

Or realizing how powerful you feel because you found your voice! You share your ideas & opinions freely...

Or looking in the mirror to see a woman who embraces challenges- she's no longer backing down to fear!

Finally, you are genuinely happy with who you are & love the feeling of tapping into your full potential

And you no longer feel *exhausted* by the 2nd conversation going on in your head, you stopped beating yourself up after speaking

no more feeling the weight of others’ opinions on your shoulders anymore!

Imagine no more. I’m going to teach you exactly how to build a healthy relationship with yourself so you can show up confidently in every area of life.

Here’s how the Confident Life Academy Framework Works:

Step 1. Create a Mindset of Confidence

You'll rewire your brain, change your self talk, and begin to embrace who you are using positive psychology. We will normalize and overcome your fears so you can release the shame and realize you're not alone. You'll learn how to *own* your strengths & listen to your intuition.

Step 2. Get Clear on Your Vision

You'll be guided through my proven framework that challenges you to get specific on your 5 year vision, take inventory of your current life, and make your ideal day a reality. Then, you'll create an ongoing system to ensure you're following through on the actions that will make your dreams come true.

Step 3. Implement Queen Habits for Success

Success is a result of habits, so you'll learn my Top 5 Faves: how to create a badass morning routine, develop a gratitude practice, set technology boundaries, cultivate inspiring friendships and even how to get motivated when you feel like crap!

Step 4. Discover Tangible Ways to Show Up Confidently

Take up space & own who you are by learning my best tools for public speaking, networking, and carrying yourself with confident body language (without having to feel constant imposter syndrome!)

The result?

You growing your confidence and having a vision for your life will not only allow you to stop second guessing yourself all the time, it will make you an influential leader everywhere you go. Your beliefs lead to your thoughts, which leads to actions, which leads to your results. So if you want fresh results, you need fresh belief in yourself.

Confidence = Belief

Confidence = Results

Confidence = INFLUENCE


Confident Life


The 15 week roadmap to building a healthier relationship with yourself and creating holistic confidence in all areas of your life

Meet Your Instructor - Janelle Lynnae

This course is the exact process I've used to overcome my limiting beliefs, build authentic confidence & live a life I'm proud of.

And, it's the exact process I've used over the past 5 years with hundreds of 1:1 clients to double their income, get out of debt, move to new cities, attract their dream relationship, and more.

My most recent milestone was becoming a Best Selling Author- a dream of mine that for so many years I felt unqualified to take action on. But I punched my imposter syndrome in the face and made it happen, despite the fear!

I'm willing to bet that you have dormant dreams inside of you...

And I want you to be next 😉

Here’s a look at the Confident Life Academy curriculum:

Example Curriculum

  Intro to Confident Life Academy
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 1 - Mindset of Confidence
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 2 - Get Clear on Your Vision
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 3 - Queen Habits for Success
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 4 - Extra Tangible Ways to Show up Confidently
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 5 - What Now?
Available in days
days after you enroll

Jessica doubled her income & attracted the man of her dreams!

Jensen paid off $11.5K in debt, saved up $10K in savings, moved across the United States to her dream city, got a new job that pays 36% more in base salary alone & ALSO attracted the man of her dreams!

Carla also moved across America to her dream city, quit a job that she was unhappy in, got a new job that pays $10K more that she's SO HAPPY in & her marriage strengthened exponentially due to her confidence growth in setting boundaries!

These are the results that are possible when you grow your confidence muscle 💪🏼✨


When you pay in full today, you'll receive a free copy of my best selling book, Flex Your Confidence Muscle (in ebook form!) AND Attract Your Dream Husband - an 8 lesson training to becoming the woman that your dream man would want to pursue.

Get started now!

Here’s what's included when you enroll:

Lifetime Access

Step-by-step tutorials

All content available as soon as you enroll

Go at your own pace

Action steps for each lesson

Screenshare Tutorials

Private, supportive community of students + colleagues

Live coaching support within the community

Goal setting worksheets

Course Completion Checklists

Christina's Testimonial

Christina was one of my first clients almost 5 years ago, and now she is one of my good friends & brand ambassadors for Confident Life Academy. Her confidence and life has wildly up-leveled. When we first started working together she HATED being on camera and wouldn't have dreamed of sharing this kind of video on social media! Look at her now! So proud of you, Christina!!

Jessica's Testimonial

“Is it a thing to be too happy?!? I am LOVING my life now! It’s wild. People keep reaching out to me like on IG telling me that I’m the happiest they’ve ever seen me. I love how you challenged me and made me think about things differently. Going through our exercises you had me do… those are the best part. Everything is just pieced together.. A switch just went off! I talk about you and mindset stuff to people ALL the time now. The work that you are doing is SO critical - the world needs this stuff. Take the leap of faith.” - Jessica

Sam's Testimonial

"After working with Janelle I feel more purposeful, intentional, present, forgiving of myself, and confident! Now, I spend time thinking about the woman I want to be and steps to get there. I'm DREAMING BIGGER- and putting my dreams in action! I FINALLY STARTED MY PODCAST!!! I had been considering starting one for years! I learned how to receive compliments. I'm now aware of my words and how I speak: I’m starting to pick up on the subtle things that I used to say like, “of course I’ll never get that job.” But I don’t say that anymore. I'm owning who I am." - Sam

Isela's Testimonial

"When Janelle & I started working together I thought it was just professional (career) coaching- but it opened my eyes to EVERY part of my life. I was like WOW! Everything is related. My physical state impacts my professional, my emotional impacts my physical, etc! Before, I felt like I needed to be perfect to present an idea or interact with other people. Now, I don’t feel the need to be perfect, I don’t feel afraid to share ideas! And before, I was always comparing my life to everyone else’s. Now, I’m reminding myself I have a really good life. I’m grateful for the opportunities I do have. I’m actually living a dream life!” - Isela

Confident Life Academy is a BIG step towards your next level self, so I know you might have *some questions*...

Q: How long will this course take me to complete?

The course content itself is around 10-12 hours. However, the ACTION steps (journaling, creating your vision board, taking yourself on solo dates, etc) is what is more time consuming. I cannot give you an exact estimate because it will depend on your schedule, speed, and a variety of other factors. However, as a general rule of thumb - from start to finish this should take you 15 weeks to complete!

Q: Will my company reimburse me for this training?

A: Great idea! We highly recommend you ask your company if they provide continuing education reimbursements as this course will certainly help you build confidence professionally and will make you even more of an asset to your organization. There have been students & clients in the past that have been reimbursed so it's worth asking. Make sure you keep your purchase receipt!

Q: What if this doesn't work for me? Can I get a refund?

A: After helping thousands of people build their confidence through mindset work + actionable tools, we are positive the strategies inside of Confident Life Academy WORK (if you do!). We offer a 30 Day Money Back ACTION-based Guarantee. If you have completed the first 2 Modules + done the exercises and are unhappy for any reason, we'll give you 100% of your money back.

Q: How long do I have access to the course? What if I don't have time to start right away?

A: You have LIFETIME access to the course which means if you don't have time to start right away, that's totally fine! It's also go-at-your-own pace, so you can take as much time as you need (and always go back to content if you need a refresh!)

Have a different Question?

We are happy to answer any questions you have to make sure Confident Life Academy is the right fit for you! Email [email protected] and we'll be happy to help you out!

Iris's Testimonial

"After working with Janelle, I feel a lot lighter. I feel a lot more free, my spirit and my emotions. I let go of things easier. I’m no longer holding on to things that bother me. I flow past anger and sadness faster. I thought happiness would come from taking care of others… Now, I’ve learned how to take care of myself. I learned to ask for the things I think I deserve! I asked my boss for a promotion… and I asked for more money! I ended up getting a 10% raise + bonus + stock options!" - Iris

Jensen's Testimonial

I’m more confident in who I am and what I bring to the table. I no longer settle for mediocrity! My mindset has shifted in such a positive way and I realize that if I focus on my goals I can truly have ANYTHING I set my mind to. I’m proud of who I am and I look at myself so differently when I look in the mirror. I show up with my truth, own my power, and I see it showing up in conversations. There’s no more beating myself up when I don’t show up “100%” instead I give myself grace and realize where I’m at in the exact moment. I’ve learned to be more present and enjoy life for all that it is. Thank you, Janelle!!!! 

Kristi's Testimonial

"My #1 mindset shift from working with Janelle: I don’t say mean words to myself any more! I’m more positive & I feel happier. I remind myself daily- “What you focus on, you create more of!!” Now I’m more aware of my posture- how it can impact confidence and how people perceive me- that was a huge eye opener! And I started taking time for myself!! I realized that it’s really important to do that. It allows me to be a better wife and employee. It tells me that I’m important, too." - Kristi

Ronda's Testimonial

I’m finally taking action on my thoughts! I used to look out my window and think.. there’s got to be more to life?! But I was comfortable. And now, more than ever before, I’m getting uncomfortable and taking action on my life. Now I’m seeing possibility, breaking it down into small steps, and then actually doing it! I've learned that I need to take care of myself, physically and emotionally. I learned to name my limiting beliefs and my fears. My demeanor is calmer now. And I’m really present.. peaceful!! DO IT. Don’t overthink it." - Ronda

Kendall's Testimonial

"Who knew getting uncomfortable could help me grow so much? Before I was scared to go places by myself, to travel by myself, and I was so afraid to spend the money on myself. Now, I let myself buy things for myself instead of thinking so much about it. I’m going to feel good if I look good! I realized I AM A BADASS. I’m awesome! I’m killer! Attacking my Limiting Beliefs! I had dreams of starting a blog... and I finally did it!!! I was always saying “I can’t do XYZ because..." I put too much pressure on it. Now I’m letting go of the outcome and just having fun. Not caring what other people think of me any more. Now, I believe things CAN happen, even beyond just the blog. I can do anything!" - Kendall

Leah's Testimonial

I just finished your book! First of all, thank you!!! Thank you for writing it and sharing it with me!! Thank you for being a badass and paving the way for other badass women to step into their power. I feel truly inspired and motivated for the first time in a long time. This book spoke to parts of myself I left in the shadow for quite sometime. I'm relinquishing my power to shine light on those parts and accept myself as I am. Thank you for your 100% vulnerability and sharing your story. Your work is valuable and it is changing lives, including mine. I'II be rereading it (many times) and working on my journaling throughout the week month! Thank you for being unapologetically authentically YOU!!" - Leah

Take a moment to visualize how it would feel....

to have inner peace as you go about your days, trusting yourself fully and being your own biggest cheerleader. To feel light weight, care-free and confident in all that you do. And to truly believe + FEEL *worthy and good enough*

Get started now!

Zoe's Testimonial

“WOW!!!!!!!!! Speechless, that was such an amazing session! I am truly grateful you crossed paths with Mark and were introduced to Complete Notary Mentorship! I am truly grateful for everything you shared with us today. I really resonated with your limiting beliefs and felt like I was the only one, so I appreciate you bringing that out to bring out the light in the rest of us! Looking forward now to changing those thoughts! Thank you for empowering our community Janelle!” - Zoe